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Top five tips for a smooth sailing start-up

To the uninitiated entrepreneur, navigating the challenges and weathering the storms that come with growing a business can feel overwhelming, even impossible. To help you keep afloat, here are five essential tips from wireless business success story, Paul Greene:

1. Get a strong support system in place. A supportive foundation of family, friends and colleagues that you can rely on and share ideas with can be an entrepreneur’s most valuable asset. It’s this foundation that will give you the strength, encouragement and advice you need to pull yourself through when times get tough.

2. Hope for the best, expect the worst. Many entrepreneurs fail on their first, second or even third attempt. Striving for success but recognising that failure is a possibility will help you to be prepared and resilient, helping you to rebound more quickly if things don’t immediately work out the way you’d hoped.

3. Persevere. Be tenacious about the implementation of your idea, says Greene. There will be plenty of people telling you it will never work, and many of these are desperate to see everything you’ve worked for crash and burn. Never give up on yourself or what you are trying to achieve.

4. Be realistic about your goals. Whilst it’s great to think big and to use your ambition to drive yourself forward, trying to get there within too tight a timeframe will only disappoint and demoralise you. Instead, set a timeline of reasonable, achievable goals that allow you to take significant steps towards ultimate success.

5. Employ good people. Whilst it might sound obvious, building your business will be a whole lot easier and less stressful if you have great, talented, dedicated people who share your vision on board, right from the very beginning.

No single piece of advice will ever make entrepreneurship all plain sailing. But these tried-and-tested principles, says Greene, can do a lot to improve your odds of success.