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Businesses struggling to recruit skilled IT staff, finds report

Nearly three quarters of businesses report difficulties in finding appropriately trained, experienced IT and computing staff, according to a new report by Reconnix.

Whilst 82% of technology students and graduates feel optimistic about their work prospects, just 12% of recruiters that responded by the survey believe that enough IT applicants are sufficiently skilled and able to do the job required. Web application development, data analysis and internet and networking skills are felt to be especially lacking.

Pat Nice, CEO of Reconnix, said: “The technology sector is currently facing a massive challenge in finding the properly qualified staff it needs to grow. The UK tech sector has been one of the darlings of the UK’s economic recovery but its full potential will not be reached as long as companies face difficulty in filling key technical positions.”

“Optimism from current students and graduates is encouraging to see following years of uncertainty, but the reality is that many are not at the level that employers need them to be at. Graduates are leaving university with a broad understanding of technology, but lacking critical skills that employers actually require. Employers need to take a more hands-on approach to help develop talent in the industry, whether this is working more closely with education establishments or directly training through apprenticeship programmes.”