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Should you be hiring an employee or a freelancer?

Hiring a short-term contractor and taking on a permanent member of staff come with very different benefits and drawbacks.¬†Growing your team with a new permanent member of staff is a big commitment, but that person will be invested in your company’s goals and their time will be committed to the work you prioritise.¬†Hiring a contractor takes out the hassle of tax and payroll whilst allowing you to only pay for the work you get done – but that time is more expensive and, unlike the best employees, freelancers won’t be volunteering new ideas, looking for ways to grow the company and cut your costs unless that’s what you’re specifically paying them to do.

Ultimately, the choice between whether to hire someone full-time or for a single project needs to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. This infographic identifies the key concerns to help you make that choice.