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Looop gets $2 million to establish UK online learning platform for SMEs

An online learning industry expert in Australia has pledged $2 million in funding to Looop’s online learning platform for startups and mid-sized businesses. The funding will be used to roll out the platform across the UK.

Looop is aiming to “democratise” the learning process, regardless of size, budget or specialist software knowledge.  For startups and fast growth organisations whose priorities are in a state of flux, it is important to rid their learning management systems of the classic, top-down approach, where one department or individual manages training in large chunks. Looop makes it easy to effectively roll out training modules in a matter of clicks.

Looop believes that microlearning will revolutionise traditional e-learning. Microlearning acknowledges that we retain information far better in short bursts, using interactive and multi-sensory techniques. The Looop platform has been designed specifically with this learning technique in mind, allowing employees to tap into training sessions at their desk or on the move.

“With Looop, we’re addressing a large gap in the market,” said Ben Muzzell, Looop’s co-founder. “Companies often have the training content available for to their employees – perhaps a product sheet or video – but don’t have an efficient and flexible platform from which to distribute it. We want to change that by providing a cost-effective and customisable product.”

The funding has fast-tracked Looop’s expansion plans. The company now plans to break into the US next month.

“Further down the line, we also plan to develop an API to integrate with learning management systems designed for large, multinational enterprises,” Muzzell added. “We have the backing of our investor to develop these updates over the coming 12 months to position Looop as the de facto learning tool in businesses of any size.”

The new funding will also be used to launch and evolve Looop’s native app, available from today on Android and following imminently on iOS.