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UK government launches new funding platform for SMEs

The Department of Business and Skills (BIS) has partnered with Innovate UK and Growth Accelerator to launch a new project that matches up promising, high-growth SMEs with suitable angel investors and early-stage venture capitalists.

Called the GrowthShowcase, the system users a platform created by JustInvesting, which has been used to raise £2.1m in venture and angel investment to date. Angel backers have included Andrew Black, co-founder of Betfair, Robert Klein of The Accelerator Group and Index Ventures, and the former EMEA Chairman for Merrill Lynch, Bob Wigley.

Small and innovative businesses play a crucial role in the UK economy, and we absolutely recognise the importance of angel investors in supporting these enterprises,” said Innovate UK’s Nigel Walker. “GrowthShowcase is just one way in which we are working to support entrepreneurs and the early stage investment community, and we look forward to working with the JustInvesting team, benefiting from their expertise in this space.”

Paul McGuire, CEO of JustInvesting, added: “We are excited to announce the GrowthShowcase partnership which will bring the benefits of the JustInvesting platform to the many thousands of British companies backed by Growth Accelerator and the Technology Strategy Board.  This partnership will create greater visibility of the early-stage UK venture market, improving access to follow-on funding for companies and helping to leverage the initial investments made by our GrowthShowcase partners.”



  • citywatcher

    The same Bob Wigley who effectively shut down YELLOW PAGES and run off with shareholders money? Nice one

  • Neil

    Does this mean that we finally have PROOF that Cameron is corrupt, as he is associating with an accused villain (Wigley) who has deprived many shareholders of their cash and interests in various companies, the most recent being the debacle of YELL/HIBU, where the company has been effectively stolen from shareholders, but remains totally intact and trading under its name…

    CAMERON cannot be trusted by these actions…

    Why do the FCA refuse to intervene?
    could it be that the collusion actually extends from Downing street direct to Vince Cable’s desk also?

    How strange… (sic)

  • Phil

    Bob Wigley? You mean the man who is considered responsible for the financial destruction of a great British company and all of it’s shareholders – the Yellow Pages.

    As Peter Jones would say: “I’m out”

  • Chris

    Is this the same Bob Wigley who avoided being ousted as Chairman of Hibu/Yell but putting the company into administration? The same Bob Wigley who colluded with lenders for his own personal gain?, The same Bob Wigley who had several “typographical errors” in his share dealings whilst at Yell?

  • Saj190

    Bob Wigley, the best connected businessman, unfortunately not the great man he thinks he is when you look what he was responsible for at Yell/Hibu and the astounding thing is the regulators and authorities deem him to have done no wrong, most definitely the BEST CONNECTED BUSINESSMAN……

  • Czarnus

    No, can’t be the same Bob Wigley. This one’s career summary seems to focus on his Chairmanship at Merrill Lynch… which came to an end in 2008.

    But hold on – didn’t a certain Bob Wigley become Chairman of Yell group in early 2009, when it was a billion pound company. And didn’t he leave in March 2014 just after it went into Administration with shareholders getting absolutely nothing?
    On reflection, it must be him after all!

    But presumably he wouldn’t want pople judging him on his most recent performance would he, or they might be unsure about what the future holds with their investments. The trouble is that history seems to have a habit of catching up with people who try to hide things in their career profiles… and five years as Chairman of Yell/ hibu does leave a rather enduring footprint.

  • LindseyKennedy

    Hello everyone – thank you all for taking the time to comment. Just wanted to let you know that I’ll be following up on this story with more details, so please do watch this space!

    • BeeJayDoubleYou

      If Lindsey does follow this up and make contact with Mr Wigley or his associates, I would imagine this thread will mysteriously disappear – just like Bob Wigley’s Chairmanship of Yell/hibu has disappeared from his public profile.

      • sozzledstinker

        Lindsey – please consider the comment here by BeeJayDoubleYou to which I’m replying when following up. Does it not seem strange that Wigley should be trying (as he continues to do) to centre our attention on a Chairmanship he held many years ago now whilst completely glossing over that of a former FTSE 100 organisation responsible for a brand as iconic as the Yellow Pages?

  • Will

    We are after you Bob. Despite your high level friends you will be brought to task.

  • Imy

    Bob?? Is the same man who brought yell/hibu down. And stole the company from its shareholders. He also didnt attend the EGM when called by shareholders. How is this guy still employed???

  • Nutjack

    Wigley is a first rate shit. Surprised he’s not been slashed from ear to ear.

  • ell

    Ahhh, Bob Wigley. The man who forced the great Yellow Pages into administration prior to being ousted by its shareholders. Why did they want to oust Bob Wigley you may ask? Many shareholders will tell you the reason to be, that he was primarily responsible for the destruction of Yellow Pages. A company that was once trading at £6 a share.

    Mr Wigley was supposed to be at a Yellow Pages General Meeting last December, which was called upon by shareholders so that they could question him and put forward resolutions to remove him from the board.

    Did he turn up? No rewards for guessing… Mr Wigley felt it was better not to face the share holders after what he had done to them, and pushed Yellow Pages into Administration and sent Deloitte the administrators instead.

    Not only that, but it appears he has since erased every bit of evidence that he was ever the chairman at Yell/Hibu – A position he held for 5 years. Mr Wigley, how about you be honest with your CV so that your future employers know what they’re getting?

    2009-2014 – Chairman of Yellow Pages (now in administration)

    The mess he left behind will remain with the shareholders he financially crippled for the rest of their days, while he steams along on the gravy train which was built on shareholder misery.

    Congratulations Wigley, give yourself a pat on the back.

  • Keith

    Wriggly wiggly shafted the Yell Shareholders and the regulatory bodies have done SWEET F A !

  • Adam1234

    Wigley and co warned Hibu shareholders before the EGM that if
    they had enough votes to elect new directors they would put the company into administration.

    Shareholders had enough votes and Hibu was placed into admin
    prior to EGM.

  • Hambledon

    Bob Wigley is a crook and should be banged up

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  • xtopher66

    Shame these basards are still allowed to continue as directors.