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Are these 9 social media mistakes hurting your business?

Social media creates endless possibilities to engage with your audience, so there’s really no excuse to resort to spam. Here are nine of the biggest (and most common) cardinal sins of social media that can stop you from getting sales. Make sure you don’t commit them!


  • TimPrizeman

    While these are great tips, overcoming them is a different matter. For instance, problem 2 “not posting engaging content regularly” could be rephrased as “how on earth do I create the time to keep coming up with interesting and distinctive content”.

    For some businesses, this is easy to answer (photos, offers, expert tips, witty comments, etc), but not so for others.

    As important as social media is, for some businesses the relevant question is…. given my customers, is spending a lot of effort on social media a good use of time and money, or should it have a minor role while I concentrate elsewhere (email marketing, SEO, lealetting, etc).

  • In a B2B sense I have to take issue with the focus on Facebook. If you’re talkig about quality not quantity it has to be all about LinkedIn.