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3 reasons why working for an SME is the best

Small businesses often can’t afford the monetary perks larger corporations use to bring in, and keep hold of, talent. But the social, motivational and creative aspects of working for a small business have their own benefit.

1. Friendly working atmosphere

Most people are attracted to small UK businesses because of a friendly working atmosphere, a YouGov survey commissioned by Nescafe Alegria found.

Eighty-two per cent of staff and 78 per cent of employers were attracted to SMEs because of friendly work colleagues, the research found. Working relationships were found to be important for 55 per cent of staff and 78 per cent of business owners.

2. Better work-life balance

While working for a small business can be hard work, many of the younger generation have seen a marked change in their social life after moving to a small business. Fourty-nine per cent of 18-24 year-old staff feeling like they have an improved social life with colleagues by working for an SME.

Flexible working hours were thought to be key benefits of working for a small firm by 72 per cent of staff and 74 per cent of bosses.

3. Better management so employees get their say

The same percentages thought that effective management procedures were a key reason to work for a smaller business than a larger one. A closer working relationship with managers keeps 45 per cent of staff content, a statement that 58 per cent of employers agree with.

Employers believe that having a voice in a small business is another benefit, with 61 per cent of owners believing they do so.However only 41 per cent of employees feel this is a real benefit.

Working for any business is far from perfect, but there are some perks that only small businesses can give.

Katrina Webb, category manager, Nescafe Alegria, said: “Many SMEs can’t afford provisions such as pensions and gym memberships so we wanted to find out exactly what is attracting so many employees to work for these organisations.

“Our research findings show that a choice of workplace doesn’t just come down to monetary and materialistic benefits these days – we are seeing more people opting for motivational perks and thinking beyond the payslip.”