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The ultimate 3 tips on tax preparation for your small business

Running a business requires attention to detail in all areas, and if proper bookkeeping and accounting is not included in those areas then you are setting yourself up for disaster when April 15th comes around. To help you out, here’s 4 quick yet important tips and information we learned from Your Balance Sheet:

  1. Get educated

Before assuming that you know all there is to know about accounting, take a class or read a textbook to remind and educated yourself about how your business should do its accounting. Failure to do this can leave glaring holes in your accounts that come back to bite you when tax season arrives.

  1. Track expenses and income

Doing your own accounting and tax preparation requires a year round tracking of your business’ income and expenses. Skipping a month will leave you with twice as much work the following month, and this can complicate your accounting even more, as you will often have difficulty reconciling transactions and getting your totals to balance

  1. Tax codes

In order to help your business save some extra money after April 15th has come and gone, work to keep yourself updated and aware of any tax code changes that might require extra preparation or serve to benefit your business. Knowing that these tax codes exist may require some time and research on your part, but taking advantage of them can yield great returns when trying to save money.



  • Ellie Griffin

    Your tips are big help for those who plan to open a business this year. Business owners must be careful with accounting tasks. Through, I further understand the important points about tax preparation.