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Are your employees planning to jump ship?

With one in three employees using the New Year to re-evaluate their job opportunities, January is a key time for businesses to focus on motivating and engaging their workforce.

Study after study shows that the top motivations to work hard and stay with a company are less to do with money than with recognition, responsibility and the scope to get excited about what it is you do.

This is reflected by research suggesting that the most engaged workers – those that feel the need to slack or skive the least – are not in the country’s best paid sectors, but in the travel and tourism industry, where personal passion for adventure and genuine enthusiasm for what you’re selling typically plays a crucial role in the job!

In a bid to highlight the importance of a motivated workers, Argos for Business will tomorrow celebrate “Employee Motivation Day”, which, say the organisers, it hopes will encourage bosses to work harder to inspire passion and engagement in their colleagues.

Simple and cost-effective everyday actions, such as saying thank you with low cost gift vouchers, a duvet day or allowing your team to leave 30 minutes early on a Friday, can go a long way in ensuring bosses hold onto valuable skilled team members,” says Danny Clenaghan, Managing Director at Argos for Business.

To help drive motivation, we are therefore dedicating a whole day to giving and receiving recognition and motivational compliments. We hope that employees, managers and business owners all get involved and become part of our Employee Motivation Day campaign.”

To get businesses started, the team have put together the infographic below, highlighting some of the most effective ways to get the best out of your workforce.

EMD infographic (2)