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UK tops the charts for global e-commerce

Little old Britain leads the way when it comes to international e-commerce, bringing more money into the country through internet-based retail than any other nation.

In fact, the UK e-commerce industry has a trade surplus of nearly £1.2 billion – nearly seven times that of the US – and the six biggest exporters are expected to see growth of around 30% a year.

This means that, although America sells more online overall, the popularity of British products among overseas buyers far outstrips the amount that Brits buy from competitor nations. UK e-retailers sell £1.18 billion worth of goods to American customers every year, compared to $950m in the opposite direction.

French customers also made $720m worth of purchases from UK e-retailers in 2013, while UK customers spent around a third of that figure on French websites.

All this looks to be highly promising for British companies looking to start exporting abroad. The popularity of British products is only set to increase, and with the US representing a major opportunity for growth, the figures are very good news indeed.