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3 ways business apps can boost productivity

With quick response times and no cumbersome legacy systems to transfer, small businesses are in a great position to benefit from advances in technology.

If you’re not sure how to take advantages of new technology like the Cloud, EE has pulled together Business Apps, a hand-picked selection of mobile apps to help manage your business on the go. Here are some ways moving from clunky desktops to mobile and tablets can improve your productivity regardless of whether you’re a sole trader or working with a large team.

Constant connectivity

Gone are the days of lugging a heavy laptop across town to a meeting or forgetting important documents in the office. Business apps like Office365 for emails and Receipt Bank for expenses mean you can work on anything, from anywhere.

Even formerly complex and nit-picky tasks like paying staff and managing online accounts can now be managed from your smartphone with Sage One Payroll and Sage One Accounts. These apps will foster a no-excuses culture in your business and help each and every employee maximise their time and energy.

Total security

Cyber security is a popular topic, but in reality sensitive information can be better protected in the cloud than in paper form. Not only are you protected against hackers, but you’re protected against theft and loss, as well.

How much time have you spent hunting through your desktop computer or your file folders for an important document? Apps are easy to find, simple to navigate and keep your information stored where you can easily find it. And if it does get lost, other apps like MozyPro will have backed it up automatically. Never lose a document or important receipt again.

Targeted investment

Many apps – including those packaged together in EE’s business Apps package – allow you a trial period to see how they fit in with your workflow and what impact they have on productivity. If an app works for you, keep it. If it doesn’t, don’t buy it.

And, because the majority of your employees likely have a smartphone or tablet already, you can implement the use of these apps without investing in expensive hardware.