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Men called “John” outstrip number of women in the FTSE 100

Sunday might have been International Women’s Day, but the total number of women running FTSE 100 companies is far outstripped by the number of CEOs called John, a study by the Guardian finds.

The number of Davids is also double the number of women in the list, and there are 19 men with knighthoods running major British companies.

Just seven top British companies are run by female CEOs, including Kingfisher (Véronique Laury), Royal Mail (Moya Greene), Imperial Tobacco (Alison Cooper) and Easyjet (Carolyn McCall). Land Securities and Shire are the only two leading corporates to have a chairwoman.

23% of boardroom positions are filled by women, close to the 25% target put in place by the government, but many of these are non-executive or part-time directorships. Just 3.5 chair and CEO roles go to women.

Similar trends are seen in the US, where Johns run more companies than women do, and in Australia, where Peters dominate.

The UK government fares slightly better, although the bizarre prevalence of Johns and Davids also shows up here. 23% of MPs are women, 5% are called John and 3.5% are Davids.