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Alternative finance opens up funding routes for half of UK SMEs

Peer-to-peer lending and other alternative finance options continue to feed demand among small businesses, with half saying that they present new opportunities and nearly 70% saying that they would use them to raise capital.

Among SMEs with over £1.1m in annual revenue, this figure rises to 94%, according to new research by the UK Bond Network.

Lending arranged through non-traditional avenues passed the £1 billion mark last year as banks continue to tighten their belts. The sector has soared in popularity at a time when two-fifths of businesses say that lack of access to finance is holding back growth.

However, smaller businesses are often unaware of the existence of alternative finance schemes, or their benefits, say the researchers.

“Looking at the survey results, there’s a clear correlation between understanding alternative finance and willingness to use it,” says Christopher Maule, CEO and founder of UK Bond Network, who believes that alternative finance is “moving into the mainstream” and “democratising” the funding landscape for businesses.

“With this being the case, improving knowledge of alternative finance will be critical for increasing its uptake. While demonstrating its benefits to business owners themselves will be important, increasing understanding among accountants and professional advisors – the bodies SMEs trust – will be critical if the sector is to reach its full potential to support SME growth,” he added.


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  • Guest

    informative article, where can you find those schemes and do they work?

  • Daniel Vargas

    Informative blog but where can you find these schemes and how do you get in to it?

    • Hi Daniel,
      My company, One Stop Business Finance Ltd., specialises in helping SME’s identify and source the best finance solution for their specific situation. Please give me a call on 07766 523269 if you would like a no obligation conversation.
      Kind regards
      Andrew Mackenzie

  • adam tavener

    If you visit you will find it an excellent resource for signposting your business to appropriate alternative finance providers. its free, anonymous and really easy to use and was launched as a collaboration between the main providers of non bank finance. it covers pretty much every type of alternative and non bank proposition, including Crowd funding, Peer to Peer, Pension Led Funding and many more. it also has a lot of useful educational content.