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British employees show support for flexible working policy

Less than a year after the UK’s Right to Request Flexible Working policy came into effect, the number of British employees working outside of the office is on the rise.

Almost a third (29 per cent) of respondents to a Unify survey work from outside of the office outside at least once per week. Some 39 per cent lauded the benefits of working from home, saying that it was the environment in which they are the most productive.

Unify polled 15,000 Britons on how their working arrangements had changed since the policy came into effect last June.

Some 40 per cent said working remotely 100 per cent of the time would be a “major liberation and improvement to their professional life”.

Allowing this level of remote working would be a complex change, especially for some smaller businesses without the technology to support it. These figures suggest that companies will need to invest more in bring-your-own-device and cloud solutions in the future, accommodating this new generation of remote workers while ensuring that their habits are not putting key business data at risk.

However, remote working can reduce a company’s overheads by negating the need for office space, and make a work force more productive.

Flexible working “is here to stay”, said Unify head of portfolio management Robert Keenen, adding that “it is up to employers to find ways of enabling new ways of working while still ensuring that employees remain connected to each other and their clients.”