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SMEs to vote ‘No’ in EU referendum

With the possibility of an EU referendum being held in 2017, new research indicates that the majority of SME leaders would vote ‘No’ to leaving the European Union.

A survey led by Vistage asked 445 CEOs, MDs and owners of predominant medium-sized businesses whether they would vote in the potential referendum.

An overwhelming amount of SME owners would vote No. 61 per cent of CEOs surveyed said that they want to remain in the EU, with only 6% willing to vote ‘Yes’.

Although the hypothetical referendum is still over two years away, SMEs are already discussing the effects of the United Kingdom leaving the EU. 38 per cent of small businesses said that leaving would have a profound negative effect on their business, as well as 58 per cent of the survey agreeing that leaving the EU would decrease the country’s rate of growth.

‘‘Only 2% of business owners believe leaving the EU will have a positive impact while, by contrast, 6 out of 10 predict leaving the EU will slow the country’s growth. Even those who saw it as having little impact on their business directly felt that the implications would negatively affect the UK’s growth, ’’says Steve Gilroy, CEO of Vistage.