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4 ways to turn your home into the perfect office space

A record number of people in the UK are now working from home, using their extra space to meet their deadlines without stepping out of their front door. Here are our top tips for turning your home into the perfect office space.

1. Define your work space. 

Working from home could be just as distracting as an office if you come to it unprepared. But if you create some parameters – a specific room for your office, or even just a section of one, it will be easier to make the switch.

Try and stick to a routine too. Getting up and starting work at around the same time each day will help you stay focused. But working from home could also make it harder to stop working. Make sure to take a lunch break and try and get outside briefly, and force yourself to stop working at a reasonable time if the workload allows.

2. Technology is the key.

There is a tonnet of digital equipment that you can use in order to maintain the office culture within your new workspace. Cloud sharing services such as Dropbox will allow you to preserve a connection with the documents you keep at your office, which also minimises the amount of paperwork you will have on your desk.

Video conferencing software such as Skype is an obvious essential, as well as having the appropriate anti-virus programmes. Having a reliable internet connection, one which doesn’t make you wait ten minutes to read your email is essential when turning your home into your office. Internet relay chat is an indispensable tool for software developers. There are many software companies that licence custom home use programmes. At home you have more creative freedom, so augment your technology. If you have the right amount of space, obtain a second monitor to increase your productivity.

3. Invest in the best lighting.

In order to recreate the same ambiance that you get in the office, you need to have bright lights that will allow you to focus more. Research has shown that people feel lethargic during winter months due to the lack of exposure to sunlight, so you could easily fall behind on your work if your lights are not up to scratch.

4. The only way is up. 

The amount of space that you will have available could be a stumbling block when creating your office transformation.  One of the best space saving tips is to vertically organise your essential materials. Replace awkward filing cabinets with overhead storage. By using as little floor space as possible, you won’t feel as boxed in as you do in your office.