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Federation of Small Businesses demands ‘first rate’ broadband

A research poll from the FSB shockingly reveals that around 45,000 firms last year were still using a dial up connection to access the internet, which has caused chairman Mike Cherry to call for government action.

‘‘Broadband is one of the biggest issues. If you haven’t got connectivity then you’ve got problems. Once you put the structure in, then investment follows.  Around 94 per cent of our members say it’s critical to the growth of their business – an essential utility that they need to have these days.’’ stated Cherry.

Two days after the FSB released this statement, the Labour Party outlined their plans for improving broadband speeds. According to a Labour spokesman, the party will ‘‘promise superfast broadband being available to all parts of the UK that are not economic for the market to serve unaided.’’ The statement did not say when this ‘superfast broadband’ would be introduced.

The FSB have released a report titled ‘The fourth utility’ in which they ask for a complete government overhaul in terms of providing Broadband for SMEs, starting with guaranteeing minimum internet speeds of 10Mpbs to all premises in the UK by 2018-19 and 100Mpbs by 2030.

‘‘There are other European countries and beyond where clearly we aren’t as far advanced. If you look at Europe, we are average. Average, when we need to be growing our businesses, taking on more people and competing in a digital world, isn’t enough. We need to be up there and first rate,’’ continued Cherry.