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Ukip is attempting to become the ‘small business party’

Ukip’s head of candidates David Soutter is rumoured to have sent an email to party supporters and representatives asking them to create a letter which would declare UKIP as a champion for small businesses.

This request follows the recent letters sent by both big and small business leaders to national newspapers declaring their support for a Conservative government. Within the letters, the business leaders expressed their desire to keep the Labour party out of government as they think Ed Miliband’s policies will be ‘bad for business.’

The letter by Soutter urgently requests business leaders to support Ukip, but it is seen by many as an attempt to create newspaper headlines.

‘‘It would seem to us that while Labour now risks being perceived as the anti-business party and the Conservatives can lay claim to being the big business party, Ukip has emerged as the party of small business. I need the names of small and medium business people who are willing to sign a letter endorsing Ukip’s position on business etc,’’ stated Soutter in the letter.

The letter certainly gives off the impression that Ukip are thinking tactically in this run up to the general election, which is now less than a month away.


  • malfosse

    Why not make the support letter online, Many small business people regards UKIP as the way forward from the present demise.