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Small businesses are thriving under the Conservative party, according to FinTech boss

A leading businesswoman from the financial technology sector yesterday declared that a Conservative government has been extremely beneficial for SMEs.

Nicola Horlick, CEO of lending platform Money&Co and Rockpool Investments, was speaking at the Bloomberg Politics: UK election debate yesterday as part of a panel of business leaders.

Other panellists included venture capitalist Jon Moulton, Chairman of the policy and resources committee of the city of London Mark Boleat and Andrew sentence, the senior economic advisor at PWC.

When asked about the coalition government’s handling of SMEs, Nicola had nothing but praise for how small businesses have flourished in the last four years.

‘‘This government has been extremely helpful to businesses that are helping smaller and less mature companies to grow. What we have ended up with is some mid-sized companies in the UK that are doing extremely well.

‘‘In fact BDO produced a report based on 2013 data that showed that mid-sized companies in the UK during 2013 produced more turnover than the mittelstand. This was inconceivable only a few years ago, so our economy has done extremely well over the last few years.’’

Nicola also encouraged the next government to continue with many of the policies that have helped small businesses.

‘‘We are really seeing the benefit for small and medium companies. The help that is being given by the current government I hope is going to continue. Whoever the next government is I hope that they will continue to support some of the initiatives that have been taken by this government.’’

When asked about the potential European referendum in 2017 and its hypothetical effects on small businesses, Nicola showed concern over leaving the EU completely.

‘‘I have yet to come across a small or medium sized enterprise in this country that wants to leave the EU. The EU is our major trading partner and business is very concerned about that prospect,’’ stated Nicola.

‘‘I think most people in business would rather that we would rather try and reform the EU from within, rather than walk away completely. We are already on the periphery; we don’t want to make ourselves completely separate. I think in the end most people would vote to stay in the EU.’’