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Does your business have the right skills to compete in the digital age?

The gap in skills needed to compete in an increasingly digital world is a major issue for most organisations. Recognising this gap is one thing, doing something about it is a much bigger challenge.

There seem to be more questions than answers when it comes to becoming Digital. And just as one question is answered, another one comes up.

The skills gap exists across all levels of an organisation. How does an organisation acquire a base level of knowledge and skills? It can’t simply be solved by hiring in digital experts.

How do leaders know the right questions to ask about digital? The skills agenda is changing so quickly that this month’s latest insights are out of date very quickly.

How do we stay up to speed when digital opportunities are changing? One-off training programmes will be short-lived if not part of a longer term programme.

What can senior leaders do to address these challenges?

In “How can you step up to the Digital Skills challenge in 2015” the ADBL (Academy of Digital Business Leaders) shares its insights and framework, learned across different businesses over 17 years, that you can use to assess your organisation.

The white paper includes a seven-element framework to assess your digital capability, goals for each part of your business and suggested solutions to help transform your organisation.

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