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A brand new partnership is helping you improve your digital skills

Digital skills charity Go ON UK has teamed up with the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) to help SMEs improve their digital skills.

Last month, SME Insider revealed that over 1 million small firms in Britain still lack basic digital skills, prompting a range of organisations such as Go ON UK to commit to helping suffering business owners.

The partnership between the two companies will permit Go ON UK to have access to the FSBs network of over 200,000 members. The organisations members will be able to receive support from a network of trainers and workshops to help small businesses ‘Do More Online.’

Working with the FSB is a great opportunity to provide direct support from our partners to the small businesses that need to improve their Basic Digital Skills to Do More Online, says Gary Coyle, Director of corporate partnerships at Go ON UK.

This is not the first partnership that Go ON UK have created to help businesses become tech savvy. An initiative has been created between the charity and The Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills. The SME digital capability programme has been created to promote the value of digital to SMEs.

‘‘We are excited to work with Go ON UK and look forward to helping to connect our members with the support and training opportunities they need to help them Do More Online,’’ said Mike Cherry, Policy Director of the FSB.