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Men and women disagree on which party is better for small businesses

With the General Election under a week away, a new survey reveals that there is a gender split among male and female SME owners in the way they are going to vote.

The survey was organised between SME office space provider Business Environment and market research group One Poll. Taking the responses of over 1000 SME owners into account, the research revealed that there is a gender divide on whether the Conservatives or the Labour Party is better for small businesses.

Businesswomen are more likely to vote for Labour in the General Election. 34% of women polled felt the Labour party would be more beneficial to SMEs against less than 20% of men. 55% of businessmen running a small enterprise would prefer having a Conservative government in place after May 7th.

While traditionally Conservatives have attracted the business vote, it is clear the growing band of businesswomen disagree and believe Labour to be more positive towards SMEs,’’ said David Saul, Managing director of Business Environment.

Who do you think businesswomen look to as an inspiring leader who can help improve their firm?

The answer to this question is a little more ambiguous. In terms of the potential economic leaders, neither Ed Balls nor George Osborne attracted either sex in huge numbers. Ed Balls managed to edge the women’s vote with almost 29% of those polled believing he understood their business needs against 23% of men.

‘‘Although women remain a minority among business owners their numbers are growing with the number owning SMEs having jumped to just under a quarter over the past five years while the number of women on FTSE 100 Boards has nearly doubled since 2011,’’ continued Saul.

  • Mark Griffiths

    Both Labour and Tories support austerity – an ethos that has been rejected everywhere else in the world – so how does this benefit SMEs?