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Picture perfect investment for photography start-up

Pryynt, a London-based picture printing service has today announced that it has received $2m dollar worth of seed funding, raising the valuation of their firm to $20m.

Pryynt is a digital start-up which gives smartphone users the ability to order a printed version of the picture they captured via a picture taking app on their phones. Pryynt is available to use on iOS and Android.

Over 40 photography apps have signed up to Pryynt’s service, including four of the top ten photo apps. These four apps have an active user base of over 500 million people collectively, which is why Pryynt’s delivery systems plan to reach a global consumer base.

Pryynt’s partners include some very successful camera and photography applications, such as Camera MX, Insta Shape Pro and Best Postcard Maker. The $2m investment will be used to fund the company’s launch and they will be attending the Collision conference in Las Vegas on May 5th and 6th.

‘‘Everyone loves sharing photos through mobile apps but often that’s where these images stay – on a screen,’’ said James Washer, founder and CEO of Pryynt.

Today’s announcement gives UK start-ups further cause for celebration after already enjoying a very successful start to the year. SME Insider today reported that a record number of start-up businesses have been created in the first quarter of 2015.

‘‘We want to help people reclaim some of the physical from the digital by making quality photo printing super easy and accessible. The great thing about PRYYNT is that everybody wins, apps can monetize with zero investment and zero friction whilst offering their user a fantastic experience,’’ continued Washer.