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Over three quarters of SMEs do not trust politicians’ promises

As the country awakens to a (potential) new government, it seems that major politicians have already lost the confidence of most small businesses.

In addition, exactly two-thirds of 52,000 small businesses feel that “all politicians of all parties” have failed to address issues that are important to them. Given the political uncertainty that led to political parties reshaping their policies to appease and attract more voters, that is a very high percentage.

The survey, which was provided by Tax Assist Accountants, also revealed a very strong sense of disillusionment. Of the businesses that were asked whether they trust the politicians to deliver on their promises, 78 per cent said they did not. Only 7.1 per cent said yes.

Over half of the small business owners questioned were also left unimpressed or apathetic by the coalition government. Over half (52.6 per cent) found the prospect of another coalition government ‘concerning’ whilst 28 per cent ‘did not mind’.

The majority of SMEs (61.5 per cent) also believed that the quality of political debating has dipped in quality.

However, on a more positive note, nearly all small business owners – 90.6 per cent –said they plan to vote. 3.2 per cent said they would not, whilst 6.2 per cent they were unsure.

Small businesses who responded to our survey were decidedly unimpressed with the quality of the debate in the run-up to the election and the vast majority did not feel that any politicians were addressing the issues which mattered most to them,” said Karl Sandall, chief executive of TaxAssist Accountants