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SME owners have lost £2m in Hatton Garden heist

A large amount of people affected by the recent Hatton Garden robbery were small business owners, according to a financial assessment.

Last month, the Hatton Garden safe deposit company was burgled by a group of thieves who entered the premises through a lift shaft and then drilled through vault walls that were 50cm thick. It is estimated that the robbers stole nearly £200m worth of Jewellery.

Now that the dust has settled, financial assessment groups have been able to determine exactly who has been affected. One loss adjuster firm, who represent seven clients who are victims of the robbery, state that ‘‘mainly small businesses’’ have been affected.

‘‘These aren’t extremely wealthy people, for a lot of them their livelihoods have gone. All of us might be forgiven for thinking how audacious, how clever, but what (the gang has) done is ruin the lives of many people within the Hatton Garden jewellery quarter,’’ said Rick Marchant,  loss adjuster at Marchant and Marchant Limited, in an interview with the BBC.

In total, 72 safe deposit boxes were opened and the contents of 56 boxes were taken in the raid over the Easter weekend, at the start of April. The seven clients that Marchant represents have collectively lost £2m worth of jewellery

‘‘I have been told by individuals I have interviewed that they have had friends and colleagues who work in the quarter with them, grown men, hardened dealers, in sobs – (they) don’t know what to do because of course some haven’t insured at all.’’

‘‘Their view was it is in a safety deposit box – the key word is safety – it should be OK and of course they have lost everything,’’ continued Marchant.