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New small business secretary appointed

Anna Soubry has been confirmed as the new minister of state for small business as Prime Minister David Cameron promotes more female ministers into cabinet positions.

As a result of the Conservative party’s unanimous majority win during the general election last week, David Cameron has been tasked with completing a cabinet reshuffle. Ms Soubry was one of the first Tory politicians to be confirmed as a cabinet minister by David Cameron on Twitter.

At one point during the campaign trail for the general election, it looked certain that Ms Soubry would lose her seat in government entirely. According to the Telegraph, The Conservatives poured money into her Broxtowe constituency in the build-up to the general election amid fears she would be unseated. Mr Cameron is said to be a “huge fan” of Ms Soubry.

With the Prime Minister today announcing his cabinet reshuffle, it will mean that for the first time that one third of Mr Cameron’s Cabinet will be female.

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Four women have been promoted to cabinet positions. Priti Patel, the MP for Witham, will be promoted to the Cabinet alongside Anna Soubry, Andrea Leadsom and Amber Rudd

‘‘The prime minister has made no secret of his desire to promote women to senior roles,’’ according to a source close to the Prime Minister.