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The Business Show 2015: Day 1

SME Insider has been walking up and down the aisles of London’s ExCeL centre all day long, speaking to small business leaders and start up entrepreneurs at The Business Show 2015.

Today we spoke to four major figures in the world of accountancy, entrepreneurial expertise, website design and domain names.

To kick off the day’s proceedings, we spoke to Raj Shaw, owner of Shoreditch-based accountancy firm Litchfield’s and member of accountancy giants ICAEW. He explained why SME owners should complete the auto-enrolment process, as well as the implications of the European Union’s proposed accountancy directive changes.

Next to speak to us on the SME Insider sofa was flamboyant businessman Nigel Botteril, founder of small business support group Entrepreneur Circle. He shared with us some of his greatest success stories, explained why social media can actually harm a small business and revealed what every SME owner should be doing each day to connect more with their target audience.

Andrew Miller, head of UK marketing for customization firm Vistaprint also came in to speak to us. Andrew revealed his top three tips for creating an engaging website and explained how a business’ website design can keep an SME profitable for years to come.

Last but by certainly no means least, was Neil Dagger, a leading figure within Nominet, the UK’s largest domain registry company. Neil explained the importance of having the perfect domain name for your small business, as well as exploring the ‘future of the internet.’

All the interviews that were recorded today will soon be released on our website and on our YouTube channel.

On day two of The Business Show 2015, SME Insider will be speaking to a number of individuals who have fascinating stories to tell.

They include Gary Turner, the managing director of Xero, Patrick Herrlinger, the business development manager of Advanced Payment Solutions, Aletha Brown, founder of Blossom Young Minds and Katrina Douglas from 1 and 1 internet.