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Small businesses given cyber-security upgrade

Unipart Security Solutions, part of the Unipart Group, will launch a range of cyber-security products aimed at protecting small businesses from cyber-criminal attacks.

Traditionally, cyber-crimes have been an issue for the larger companies. However, more and more SMEs now rely on the internet, thus exposing them to the same risks.

A 2014 research, commisioned by the Department for Business, found that 60 per cent of UK SMEs and 81 per cent of larger companies have experienced ‘an information security incident’ in 2014. Per incident, businesses are exposed to ever-increasing losses, with last year’s incidents losing as much as £1.15m per incident.

“Few SMEs have recognised the importance of protecting themselves from cyber threats. Equally importantly, many have underestimated the value of industrial strength cyber security to their customers,” said Andrew Hallam,  managing director at Unipart Security Solutions

Unipart will provide cyber-security testing software to small businesses, public organisations and enterprise solutions.

Called Cyber Assurance, the service will prevent criminals from being able to access your information and show businesses where their security is weak and could be breached.

Unipart will also offer training and consultancy to teach businesses to think in a more security-minded way.

“With the escalating number of successful cyber attacks on businesses, we believe that contracts may soon be won or lost on the basis of an SME’s ability to demonstrate a robust cyber security profile,” Hallam continued.