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The Business Show 2015: Day 2

Day two of The Business Show was another great success for SME Insider. From our stand in the Business Startup zone, we spoke to four fantastic guests who provided tips and advice on how to run a successful small business.

First to speak to SME Insider was Gary Turner, managing director of accounting software firm Xero. He explained why small businesses are turning to accountancy apps and the cloud to help improve their SME.

Next up was Patrick Herrlinger, business development manager of Advanced Payment Solutions. We talked about how small business should demand more from high street banks and how to create the perfect business plan. We also discussed politics, specifically how the new Conservative government have the potential to help small businesses.

Aletha Brown, founder of Blossom Young Minds explained how her small business is teaching young children how to code. Aletha declared that ‘‘larger businesses should do more to help the community,’’ as well as detailing the challenges she’s faced while setting up her company.

Katrina Douglas, head of UK marketing at website design company 1&1 Internet talked about the future of her company and revealed how small business owners can improve their website and the common mistakes that start-up businesses make when designing their very first website.

As well as having some great business leaders sit on the SME Insider sofa, The Business Show hosted some extremely successful keynote speakers.

Julien Callede, co-founder and COO of spoke to a huge crowd of people at the show, advising them on how to ‘think outside the box,’ as well as giving insights into growth and how to manage it. The main piece of advice that Julien gave to his audience was to ‘‘make mistakes.’’

We also caught up with Jan Pearce, head of social media at The Business Show who summed up the events of the last two days, exclusively  for SME Insider:

‘‘We’ve had some fantastic new keynote speakers, as well as the old favourites. Brad Burton has been absolutely buzzing – he’s been a loyal supporter of the show. We’ve had Juliene Callede who has been absolutely amazing. Dan Spicer from Hootsuite has been great as well, he’s given some fantastic advice.’’

We have also been speaking to many show attendees, including small business owners, motivational speakers and a couple of storm troopers! They all gave some great advice on camera from the SME Insider sofa, as well as describing the greatest challenges they have faced when they started out in business (well, the storm troopers were a little quiet actually…)

It has been a fantastic couple of days here at The Business Show. To find out more about the event, keep your eyes peeled for our video interviews that will be coming soon. Also, check out our Twitter account @SMEInsider for more from the show, including pictures of our interviewees.