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5 ways to better connect with your customers

Whatever the size of the business, connecting with customers is at the heart of their success. Customers who are happy and feel appreciated will come back and maybe even spread the good word.  Here are five great ways to remind customers that you appreciate them!

1. Show how you appreciate them

Pick a particular time i.e. Christmas or school summer holidays, and let your customers know how much you appreciate their business. If you have a smaller customer base, a handwritten letter would go a long way to earning goodwill. It shows commitment and feels very intimate. People love nothing more than having their loyalty noticed and appreciated. You can also do that on a more regular basis with a…

2. Perfect newsletter

Throughout the year you can send out a newsletter updating your customers on your business. In the newsletter you can celebrate an employees birthday or even customer birthdays! This way not only will people remember your business, they will remember it as a happy business.

3. Promote a cause you believe in

It reminds people that you are more than just a business. You’re a collective of people, beliefs and ideals who have come together to provide something people need. It adds an extra dimension to what you do. You may find people will join the cause and that will bring you closer together.

4. People want to be heard. So listen.

Try to get back to customers in a prompt and efficient manner. People want to know that you are listening to them, be it criticism, be it praise. You never know, constructive criticism may make your next product better and retain the customer who was once unhappy.

5. Be active on social media.

You can use social media to show a lighter side of your business. Social media channels can humanise your business. Update twitter with tweets and images of company outings, what funny thing employees are getting up to and so on.

Treat customers as individuals, and you’ll have customers and friends for a life-time!

  • Bree Wakefield

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  • PeterJ42

    There is a simpler way. Stop seeing them as “customers”. A perjorative term which treats them as not core to the business.