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Apply to be part of Small Business Saturday 100

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Applications are set to open for Small Business Saturday 100, where your small business has the chance to gain some incredible exposure.

On 1st July, you can apply for or nominate a small business owner to be part of Small Business Saturday 100. Each day for the 100 days leading up to Small Business Saturday on December 5th, one member of the 100 will be profiled across the campaign’s social media feeds and be presented to their local, regional and sector-specific media.

As well as that, the selected 100 business leaders will have the opportunity to join the Small Business Saturday team at special celebratory events hosted by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in Downing Street.

‘‘These businesses could be from any location or any business sector – we just want them to be the best representatives of the UK’s 5 million small businesses, fantastic businesses who will be doing great things to celebrate Small Business Saturday,’’ said Michelle Ovens, national campaign director of Small Business Saturday.

Small business Saturday is celebrating its third year operating within the United Kingdom. The events have been incredibly successful in previous years. Last year 16.5 million adults went out to support a small business on Small Business Saturday with 64% of the UK aware of the campaign.

Ovens also commented on the specific focus for this year’s event:

‘‘The theme for this year is “5 million small businesses, one big day”. Last year, small business owners, local authorities, a wide range of other organisations and members of the public really embraced Small Business Saturday.’’

‘‘It succeeded because people recognised the importance of having a vibrant and  successful small business sector and not only came out on the day itself but got involved in the run-up to it in their local communities. Our 100 reflect the diversity of the UK’s small business sector,’’ adds Ovens.