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George Osborne outlines his future plans for small businesses

George Osborne has stated that he’s focused on making Britain ‘‘the most prosperous country in the world,’’ with small businesses expected to play a key role in doing so.

In his first major speech since the General Election, the Chancellor of the Exchequer spoke at the Confederation of British Industry’s (CBI) 2015 annual dinner.

Osborne covered many topics, including tackling shortcomings in key sectors, such as transport, skills and broadband. Most notably however, was his segment on British businesses.

‘‘Let’s aim to make Britain the most prosperous of the major economies of the world in the coming generation. So here’s our plan to achieve that goal. Here’s our plan to make Britain work better.’’

George Osborne stated that ‘‘greater devolution’’ will be soon be available throughout England. This includes ‘‘the retention of business rates, to new Enterprise Zones, to elected mayors.’’

With the Conservative party winning a majority in the recent General Election, an EU referendum will now take place in 2017, an event which could have a profound effect on SMEs.

‘‘Our position – which I think is shared by the majority of British people and a majority of British businesses – is that we want Britain to be in Europe, but not run by Europe,’’ stated the Chancellor.

Osborne assured the audience that he wants to work with the British business community to ensure we succeed in this vital task of reforming our relationship with Europe.’’

Also included in the speech was the new Enterprise Bill that was launched earlier this week by Business Secretary Sajid Javid.

‘‘We’ll continue to reduce burdens on firms, especially small ones, with our new Enterprise Bill. Our new Business Secretary Sajid Javid, is himself an embodiment of what aspiration and enterprise can achieve in our economy.’’

The Chancellor ended with a rousing statement that showed the CBI his ambitions for the near-future. ‘‘It is now within our grasp to make Britain the most prosperous country in the world, and the best place to do business.’’

If you want to read the full speech, you can do so here.