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Your SME can become environmentally friendly today (Video)

TW Power, a Cheshire-based SME have become the first small business in the UK to gain a mini biomass power plant, allowing the company to become more environmentally friendly.

Entrade, a German company who specialise in constructing micro biomass power plants for businesses, have collaborated with TW Power. The E3 micro power plant has now been installed into TW’s Macclesfield base. TW Power Ltd specialise in advanced small-scale biomass combined heat and power systems.

Many small business owners in the UK consider becoming environmentally friendly. Last month, SME Insider reported on a new study which revealed that 19 per cent of small businesses are aware of the fact that they are not doing enough to change their practices to more environmentally minded ways.

As well as this, over 80 per cent of SMEs believe that adoption of sustainable practices brings with it very clear benefits.

One of the added benefits of the E3 is that it can be installed within 24 hours, enabling SMEs to become environmentally friendly in an incredibly short space of time. The power plant can also generate both heat and electricity, unlike conventional small-scale thermal biomass boilers.

‘‘Clean gasification has always been a big issue for small biomass CHP. The inevitable build-up of tar has usually required 24/7 maintenance to deal with regular breakdowns, which means a lot of down-time for the machine,’’ said David Tomkinson, founder of TW power, who is the first of over 20 UK firms at the top of a long waiting list for the E3.

The project reinforces local schemes like the Greater Manchester area’s decentralised energy strategy. It is expected that the proliferation of decentralised biomass power in the north west of England will create a stable price for waste wood, encourage better forestry management as well as boost the rural economy and create jobs across the region.

‘‘Even without running the machine at full capacity, we expect the machine to pay for itself in less than four years through energy savings and subsidies,’’ continued Tomkinson.

If you want more to see the E3 power plant in action, take a look at this video from Entrade.