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Get to grips with social media (Infographic)

One question that SME Insider receives from business owners on a daily basis is ‘‘How can I get the best out of social media?’’ This infographic helps you identify the best resources and tells you what to consider when implementing social media into your marketing strategy.

It’s been over 11 years since Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook, arguably the most iconic and powerful social media tool on the planet. Since then, social media platforms have come and gone, but there are many marketing platforms that still provide businesses the opportunity to get their product noticed, and at very little cost.

Even though social media has sewn itself into the fabric of digital marketing, there are some small business owners that have no idea what social media is, let alone how to use it effectively. In March, SME Insider reported that over a million (23 per cent) of UK small businesses still lack basic digital skills.

Once you begin to understand what social media is and how you can use it to help market your SME, you will become a master with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Here’s an infographic from The Insurance Octopus showing you how to approach social media channels from a SME perspective.

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