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Government needs to do more to help SMEs become energy efficient

Small businesses throughout the UK overwhelmingly support becoming more environmentally stable, with nine in ten SMEs seeking to be more energy efficient, according to a new study.

New research from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) also found that 78 per cent of FSB members questioned listed saving on energy costs as a motivator for carrying out energy efficiency measures.

‘‘Small businesses are really enthusiastic about energy efficiency and this desire should be capitalised on for the good of their business and the environment. However, what our research does tell us is a simple ‘one-size fits all’ approach will not work as different businesses are driven by a diverse range of factors,’’ said John Allan, national chairman, FSB.

Saving cash is not the only motive for small business owners becoming energy efficient. The survey revealed that 70 per cent of small businesses said protecting the environment was an important motivator for action. As well as that, 25 per cent of SME owners highlighted improved energy efficiency as a way to attract customers and help promote their business.

‘‘There are several initiatives in place to help businesses become energy efficient, including the Green Deal. But Government and energy companies need to do more to understand the different circumstances and motivations of small businesses to help promote further action on energy efficiency,’’ continued Allan.

The survey suggests that the Government should take precedence when helping small businesses become energy efficient. Energy companies however, should also play an active role in educating SME owners on how to be responsible with energy consumption.

‘‘We want to see energy companies and Government come forward with innovative and targeted initiatives which reflect the diverse nature of small firms, and helping to reduce their consumption. For instance, if energy companies incorporated a support package with longer contracts then this might be one economically viable way for businesses and energy companies to work together to achieve a mutually beneficial result,’’ ended Allan.