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9 reasons text messaging can be a coup for your business

While text messaging between consumers is being rapidly overtaken by services like WhatsApp, this communication method is only getting easier and more effective for businesses.

According to Juniper Research revenue from application-to-person – the use of SMS messages from enterprises to customers, employees and partners – will grow from $55bn in 2013 to $60bn by 2018 and is expected to overtake person-to-person messaging next year.

Businesses large and small use texts to communicate all kinds of messages, from coupons and appointment reminders to item tracking and service ratings. But what’s behind A2P’s enduring popularity?

According to the mobile messaging experts at Netsize, SMS remains the most immediate, ubiquitous and affordable communication tool available to small businesses today. In “SMS: Universal, Direct, Personal” Netsize outlines nine ways A2P can bolster your marketing campaigns and customer relationships while cutting costs — and how to make it happen.

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