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Small business names are simply punderful

The most talked about small businesses in the UK are the ones who have the funnies names, according to new research.

A study carried out by Nectar Business reveals that quirky names are the most likely subject that gets people talking about SMEs.

The survey involved 2000 people and they were asked to name what they thought were the funniest names for small businesses.

Nectar’s research uncovers that 44 per cent of people in the UK would strike up a conversation over a pun in a business name, compared to 19 per cent for ordinary names more often use for solicitors, accountants and advertising agencies.

Dr Jaywant Singh, associate Professor in Marketing at Kingston University has commented on the results. ‘‘Its factors like brand names and notable awards that help businesses stand out in an already crowded marketplace. The quirky British sense of humour is key to the success of these clever and memorable business names, and this is something we excel at as a nation.’’

Here are the top 10 funnies business names:

  1. The Cod Father – Goldsmith Road, Cheltenham
  2. Curl Up & Dye – High St, Kingswood
  3. Back To The Fuchsia
  4. Arnie’s Sarnies – You’ll Be Back
  5. A Fish Called Rhondda
  6. Florist Gump
  7. Doggy Style
  8. Bits & PC’s
  9. Barber Black Sheep
  10. Jack The Clipper
  • vicky stone

    Great names… No. 3 and No. 6 are my faves.

  • I saw a driving school with a clever play on the words called “RoadSkill”

  • Thats why I chose BizzBox