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3 great ways your business can be a festival hit

Summer is upon us, and with warm weather comes an exciting opportunity for many small businesses to appeal to new customers – festivals. Here are three great ways your business can make the most of these summer events!

1. Pick the right event

If your target audience is senior citizens then perhaps festivals such as Reading Festival or Latitude will not be the best option. Contact the organisers of the festivals to get some feedback on what sort of people attend their events and whether their interests line up with what your business offers.

2. Grow your network

Don’t just go to the festival and pitch up a stall or a tent. Go out and learn about other businesses, maybe they have done things like this before and have some useful and productive tips. Also make the most of the happy atmosphere; people are more likely to be open to signing up and staying in touch, be ready to get a lot of contact details!

3. Partner up

Festivals are all about community and coming together to revel in a particular interest. With that in mind, scout other businesses that are going to the festival; maybe they can complement what you do. Join forces if they do; that way you enhance your products and save money on expenditures such as booths. You will also probably both get double the customers!

At the end of the day festivals are a brilliant way of introducing your business to new audiences and increase sales, and even get in on the fun yourself!