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6 sizzling summer retail tips to get your profits soaring

With the sun in the sky and the school holidays just around the corner, summer is a brilliant time for your business to make some cash. Here are six ways that your SME can have fun in the sun.

1. Summer giveaways

It’s a common fact that when the sun is out, people spend more money, providing a welcome boost to the retail industry. Take advantage of the weather and engage with your new customers by offering free items such as a bottle of water, sunglasses or ice cream. Paste your company logo on the freebies and those customers are bound to come back for more.

2. Market your promotions around the summer

If you have a promotional offer that your customers just can’t get enough of, save that deal for the summer. Companies like McDonalds offer products at certain times of the year and they are met with overwhelming success.

3. Two’s company

During the hottest months of the year, partner with a business that is not in competition with your own. If you own a clothes shop, collaborate with a salon to offer summer discounts that will reach both your customers and theirs.

summer fest

4. Sponsorships

There are thousands of summertime events in the UK that your company can become involved in. Festival season has officially started in Britain, so pick a music event that can help spotlight your SME and chip in as a sponsor. Pick the event wisely – if you want to be known as a wholesome, family business, sponsor an event that is aimed at young children.

5. Summer tips and advice

Get involved with your local community this summer and communicate with your customers via a number of ways, including newsletters, e-mail updates and posters. Incorporate your offers within a ‘summer safety list,’ like ‘how to behave around the pool’ and ‘barbeque safety’.

6. The higher the temperature, the lower the cost

The people of Britain don’t like to get too hot, so when there is a heatwave, customers tend to become more grumpy and irritable. Use these high temperatures to your advantage, by offering your customers discounts. Every time the thermometer reaches rises by 5 degrees, offer a 5 per cent discount on select products.