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New MP pledges to educate Government on SMEs

Craig Tracey, a former SME owner who is now a Member of Parliament, hopes to use his new position to improve the lives of microbusiness owners.

During May’s General Election, Tracey was elected Conservative MP for North Warwickshire, beating bookies favourite Mike O’Brien from the Labour party.

In a previous life, Tracey was the owner of Dunelm Insurance Brokers, a company that employed 3 people.

Reflecting on his experiences as a microbusiness owner during the 2008 financial crisis, Tracey now aims to make a difference to the lives of SME owners in the local area.

‘‘As a small business owner I definitely felt the impact of the recession,’’ Tracey told Insurance Age. ‘‘I personally felt that the government did not understand what it was like and then there was the added burden of increased regulation on top of that.’’

Tracey has been in the job for over a month now, and plans to help educate the Government on the impact that regulation changes have on small businesses.

The new MP will do this by joining the parliamentary Insurance and Financial Services group, an organisation that listens to SME owners who have been affected by regulation changes.

‘‘I think we will see less and less small individual brokers because of regulation and that is sad for the industry,’’ continued Tracey.

‘‘Our customers loved coming into a business where everyone knew their name and they were dealt with by the same person every time. It would be a shame to lose those brokers.’’