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What are the biggest challenges facing SMEs today? (Video)

Running a small business is a rewarding, but challenging task. If you’re thinking about starting your own SME, watch this exclusive video and listen to advice from business owners who’ve done it all before.

You may already know that acquiring funding can be one of the most difficult tasks when trying to get your business off the ground, but what other challenges do you have to look out for?

From placing highly on search engines, to having the right cloud software, find out what things you have to take into account when starting your own SME.

All our interviews from the Start-Up Business show 2015 are available to watch on our official YouTube channel.

  • David

    Getting face-to-face with everyone who is important to you, suppliers, staff and customers and then keeping in regular contact with them. Build long and meaningful relationships and get repeat business rather than all the time searching for new business. Efficiency of travel and communication are key to success, so consider a video-enabled strategy from the outset. A new link posted this week helps address some of the considerations in a short and meaningful way and the company concerned offer free trials to SMES and their suppliers/customers.