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3 reasons to consider offsite meetings

Technology has made it possible for small business owners to work from anywhere, the living room sofa included. But renting budget office space – or working from home – comes with certain risks. For example, what should you do if suppliers or clients request a face-to-face meeting?

It might be tempting to push for a video conference, but there are other excellent options available to small businesses owners. From coffee shops and hotel lobbies to the purpose-built meeting rooms on offer at Marriott, there are a host of creative locations you can meet.

But why bother? Well, here are three reasons:

1. Skype can’t always cut it

Video conferencing is certainly a key business tool, but you can’t rely solely upon it.  There are certain things you simply can’t convey via a screen; trust-building body language and a reassuringly strong handshake just won’t come across.

If you can meet important clients and suppliers in person, there’s no reason not to — especially with so many options available across the country.

2. It’s an excuse to get out of the office…

Arranging an external meeting — particularly if it’s somewhere with delicious coffee and high-quality food — can be a nice break from the day-to-day grind. And, in many cases, your office-bound meeting delegates will relish a chance to get out into the world.

As Katie Ramsay, Director of European Field Sales for Marriott, explains: “We are always looking for ways to help make planning and hosting events easier and guests have told us they enjoy getting out of the office and changing up their daily routine. Being able to provide great food, essential equipment and Starbucks® coffee are definitely icing on the cake.”

3. … and an opportunity to brand yourself

Small businesses can’t always afford to get into the office space that communicates best what they stand for. But, whether you’re aiming for start-up cool or timeless elegance, you’ll be able to find a hotel, meeting suite or coffee shop that communicates those ideals by the hour for a fee that won’t break the bank.

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