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Faster broadband promise made to small businesses

Small businesses throughout the UK will be able to gain access to faster broadband, after BT, TalkTalk and Virgin Media all agreed to improve their services for SMEs.

The three telecommunications companies have agreed to a code of practice that will hopefully improve the speed and service of its broadband to small businesses.

According to an Ofcom study, only half of all small businesses (56 per cent) have access to superfast broadband.

Recently the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) revealed that around 45,000 firms last year were still using a dial up connection to access the internet for work purposes.

BT have previously promised to improve its broadband services for small businesses, but stated that it could take 10 years before the changes come into force.

Sharon White, who is the Chief Executive of communications regulator Ofcom, said that small businesses in the UK were ‘‘essential to the UK economy’’, but are calling out for better resources such as faster broadband to be more accessible, a target that she is determined to achieve.

‘‘We’ve made clear we want to see better broadband coverage, quality of service, information and advice for all consumers and that means business users too. So we are taking action alongside industry and the Government to make that happen.’’

Ofcom are also accusing broadband suppliers of misrepresentation, as the firm found that 20 per cent of all small businesses were unable to gain access to broadband speeds that they were originally promised. Ofcom now hope to publish the code of practice so that SME owners can read it themselves.