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3 ways to keep your workforce happy and healthy

According to the National Institute for Healthcare and Excellence (NICE), the UK economy loses £13.4bn and 27m working days ever year due to work-related illness.

Keeping your employees healthy and happy could save your microbusiness thousands. Here are three ways to keep your workers and your bank balance content.

1. Due diligence

You can make progress to improving your employees’ wellbeing before they even start working for you. During the hiring process, thoroughly research your candidate and make an assessment as to whether he or she will really fit in with your SMEs working environment.

If you think any potential candidates will struggle within your business, the chances are that they may suffer physically or psychologically while on the job, so use the hiring process to determine who can handle working for your company.

2. Give your employees more freedom

In 2010, the American Journal of Public Health created a report titled The connection between art, healing, and public health. The research found some evidence suggesting that employees physiological and psychological condition improves if they experience more freedom in the workplace.

By giving your employees the creative licence to have more freedom around the office, their confidence levels skyrocket, resulting in improved health and productivity.

3. Splash the cash on healthy living alternatives

As mentioned earlier, the UK loses out on billions each year due to sick leave, so you should intend on investing time and money on your employee’s health if you want to hold on to the majority of your cash.

With most workers sitting at their desks for most of the day, healthy eating is a key way to ensure that your employees are productive. Companies like Graze offer healthy snack alternatives that will stop your workforce from binging on junk food.

Social media platforms such as Pinterest offer free advice on office workouts, allowing your team to get up on their feet and get their endorphins flowing.