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Apprenticeships improve West Midland SMEs despite admin hassle

Over 95 per cent of small business owners in the West Midlands find that adult apprenticeships are making a huge difference to their SMEs, as they improve staff skills and increase company motivation.

BCTG, a training firm based in Oldbury, West Midlands carried out a survey involving 250 businesses that have hired apprentices. The research uncovered positive results regarding apprenticeships.

‘‘We carried out our own West Midlands survey of 250 SMEs to gauge current views on training and apprenticeships in light of the funding reform which was being proposed by the government and now looks set to continue,’’ stated Chris Luty, BCTG director.

Over 20 per cent of SME owners involved in the survey stated that their revenue and financial turnover increased as a direct result of putting staff through training and adult apprenticeships.

The overwhelming response we received back was the vast majority saw a significant increase in staff skills and motivation following training and 20% put their increase in revenue directly down to apprenticeships and training,’’ continued Luty.

Nearly half (49.7 per cent) of staff working at the various businesses took on more responsibilities due to additional training provided by their bosses.

Three-quarters of all bosses involved in the research stated that they would recommend using a training provider to manage their apprenticeship schemes, due to the administrative hassle that hiring an apprentice can sometimes bring.