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Vodafone UK trials digital skills workshops for SMEs

Vodafone UK has launched a trial series of digital skills workshops for small business owners, kicking-off with two one-day workshops in Leeds, followed by sessions in London in the coming weeks.

The workshops will provide SMEs with relevant digital skills to help them be more competitive amongst larger players in a global marketplace and increase their revenue.

Freeformers, a digital transformation company, has partnered with Vodafone on the workshops.

Approximately a third of SMEs in the UK do not have an online presence at all, meaning they are potentially missing out on sales opportunities and the chance to compete with their local, national and international rivals.

The workshops are therefore planning to provide SMEs with the knowledge and practical skills they need to do more with their business’ digital and online presence and capability to better compete in today’s digital marketplace.

“SMEs need to adapt and be ready to take advantage of the online opportunities and benefits of being a digital business and not risk losing out by falling behind the digital curve.  We are really pleased to be launching this new initiative which will help many more SMEs become Ready Businesses,” 

In addition, as part of the Freeformers’ one_for1 model , for every SME that is trained, a 16-25 year old will be trained for free and take part in the day’s digital workshop.

Dan Drori, commercial director of Freeformers says: “Recent research on the digital maturity of SMEs and charities in the UK highlights the need for greater digital skills among Britain’s SMEs and indeed the workforce generally.”