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Car park closure favours big business, claim Croydon SMEs

Small business owners have hit out at Croydon Council after officials put local firms at risk by closing a 223-space car park to pave way for a new supermarket.

The Lion Green Road car park in Coulsdon was officially closed by Croydon Council on 19th July, an action that sparked outrage from small business owners, claiming that the closure will ‘‘drive customers away.’’

The car park will now be transformed into a new Waitrose food store, which could signal the end for local food businesses.

The council-owned space will also be used to create a health centre, as well as a new home for 1st Coulsdon Scouts.

The lack of parking space for Croydon shoppers may damage the profits of local businesses, with a number of SME workers voicing their concerns over the closure.

Chris Knowles, a sales consultant at Park and Bailey estate agents feels that ‘‘the main concern is that parking is going to become a real issue in town centre and it is going to drive people away.’’

‘‘There’s a general feeling that Croydon Council is favouring big businesses over local commerce,’’ continued Knowles.

Croydon Council is looking for alternative spaces for shoppers to park their cars, but has failed to do so as of yet. Chris Philp, MP for Croydon South is against the closure.

‘‘This will cause complete parking chaos in Coulsdon and will seriously damage businesses whose customers and staff will not be able to park.’’

‘‘The council needs to take urgent action to find alternative spaces.’’

Although the new Waitrose will provide 190 car parking spaces, local residents will have to wait until 2017 until construction is completed.