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Funding for SMEs to train their employees on the ADBL’s digital courses

Unsurprisingly, budget constraints are the biggest obstacle for SMEs to upskill their employees, but as digital skills become ever more important for start-ups and small businesses in a connected world, what organisation can afford to pass up the opportunity to train their staff with part-funding?

The Tech Partnership is lending a hand, offering England-based SMEs £500 funding per employee on ADBL courses.

With the Diploma in Digital Business Leadership, SMEs have a fantastic opportunity to embrace digital change in their organisation by taking learnings from senior executives that built start-up digital ventures that went on to earn millions.

Businesses can choose courses in digital marketing, digital business or digital transformation, which will suit employees of all experience levels or time commitments. After completing the course, you will have significantly improved your own digital capabilities – or your team’s – without a big financial or time commitment. Plus you or your team will have gained an accredited certificate in digital marketing or transformation.

The ADBL’s courses are taught by the most credible and leading experts in digital, from the Diploma in Digital Business Leadership, a course developed with senior executives who have built digital ventures for TeamGB, John Lewis Direct, Google, HSBC and Capital One – to Squared Online, the digital marketing course developed with Google.

Find out how you can take advantage of the government funding available to take your team’s digital capabilities and achievements to the next level.