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Company retreats aren’t so fun for UK employees

The British Heart Foundation has discovered that more than a third (35 per cent) of British office workers have confessed to finding their company away days boring.

Four out of 10 people (37 per cent) have actually gone so far as to say that they dread them. One in nine (12 per cent) have even said that they find their away days stressful because it’s a day out of the office.

The general consensus is that corporate away days are currently tedious with the poll of 2,000 UK office workers finding that more than two-fifths (42 per cent) of employees said they thought doing something more unusual would make a good company away day, and over 40 per cent added they would like to do something exciting.

These statistics, coupled with other  research, paint a bleak picture of the current British company culture. If employees are not being made unproductive at work by emails or unnecessary meetings, they are being distracted by the weather and slow internet connections and now on top of that they also dread away days.

All of these reports suggest that there is general feeling of discontent amongst professionals. The BHF research actually showed that over a third of people (36 per cent) would consider skydiving as an alternative to a traditional away day.

When you have people being happy to jump out of planes rather than attend a normal away day, then perhaps it’s time to reassess the traditional company away day.

It is up to managers and team leaders to come up with away days that don’t leave people stressed or bored. The whole point of away days is that they are meant to instil a sense of camaraderie amongst the team and more importantly reboot people’s creativity and productivity.

That simply won’t happen when most of the team is having negative thoughts about the away day.

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