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Amazon launches start-up support centre in Silicon Roundabout

Amazon Web Services has confirmed that it will be launching its first non-US start-up hub, with UK entrepreneurs able to receive help from the tech giants at London’s Silicon Roundabout.

The e-commerce firm aim to create a pop-up loft space that will be used to help small and microbusinesses owners. Amazon hopes that this move will entice tech savvy entrepreneurs to start using its cloud–based computer services.

Ariel Kelman, vice-president of marketing at AWS told the Financial Times that this will not be the only non-US start-up hub to be launched this year.

We are considering opening other Lofts in new cities around the world. Every top city you would expect, where there is a high concentration of start-ups is on our list.”

Amazon has placed its centre within the tech capital of the UK, with a number of tech start-ups basing themselves in East London.

Werner Vogels, vice president and chief of technology of also commented on the announcement, stating that the centre will create a relationship between cloud computing technology and some of the brightest minds in the UK.

‘‘The UK is a hotbed of innovation and London is one of the main places where we see talented, ambitious entrepreneurs coming together to test ideas and start new businesses that leverage cloud computing,’’ explained Vogels.